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I have been blessed to have participated in Dr. Crum's Divorce Recovery Workshop. The workshop was pivotal in my beginning to heal from a very painful divorce. Though I had been separated from my ex-husband for almost 3 years, I seemed to be stuck in an abyss of pain and confusion. Although I had tried s everal other methods to recover, including counseling and group therapies, things were not really getting any better. Then a friend invited me to attend the Divorce Recovery Workshop. It was transformational! Dr. Crum is a gifted teacher, mentor, and spiritual guide, whose genuine love and concern for each and every person is obvious from the very beginning. The love she pours into her sessions and attendees was refreshing, truly a cup of cold water in a parched land. Her sessions were well- developed and planned with relevant material and excellent resources. Much healing happened from the interaction between participants. In addition, I was blessed to participate in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Crum. These were extraordinary indeed. She listened attentively and provided spiritual insight I had not received before, straight from the heart of God. Her love for the participants transcends the Workshop. 

She still reaches out to us, asking us how we are doing and praying for us, and if we're in a bad place, she generously meets with us in her free time! I cannot recommend this workshop enough. I am reminded of Isaiah 55:8-9 as I write that the world has its way of doing things and helping people, but God's ways are higher and better. The Divorce Recovery Workshop has been fashioned following God's ways and, therefore, does provide a unique and authentic platform for true healing in each participant.   

M. E. Connors

Daytona Beach, FL

Let Us Help You Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

Phyllis Crum, D.Min

Abandoned by Divorce...

She is also an ordained minister, certified transformational

life-coach, mentor, and


She serves the Body of

Christ by developing church leaders, 

leadership teams,

ministry couples (stay that way), and divorced leaders finding their way back. She also helps leaders develop ministers of reconciliation.

She is a prophet, teacher,

and intercessor with a

passion to build the

Kingdom of God wherever

she is sent.

...and no longer called desolate., but a tree of life.